Designer eyewear

Wether you are looking for the latest trends in prescription glasses or sunglasses, we’ve got you covered. Because here at Murray & Haggerty we stock a wide range of meticulously curated designer frames and sunglasses to help you find that unique look.

Quality and style

Thanks to the most recent technological advances in material design, we are able to offer a wide range of exciting new options for you to choose from. From traditional high quality materials such as titanium to the new durable and stylish polymers. We only stock those frames that we believe combine the highest standard of quality with a stylish design.

Affordable options for everyone

Regardless of your budget, we will always be able to help you find a quality option that suits your needs. Aside from the designer range of eyewear, we also stock a number of more affordable frames and sunglasses that still offer a high standard of quality.