Murray and Haggerty  has a long standing reputation of more than 35 years providing the Didsbury and Manchester communities with excellent eye care services. And, as our loyal patients and clients will testify, our quality commitment remains intact. We continue offering the same standard of service which comprises the latest technology, the highest qualified team and a wide range of the latest trends in eyewear.

Bespoke Service

Being an independent family run business, we have the flexibility to offer a wide range of specialist services without the constraints of corporate pressures which may restrict time spent with patients. This allows us to provide our patients and clients with the superior bespoke service and relaxed environment they deserve.

Highly qualified team

Our friendly staff are also frame style experts who are fully committed to advise our clients at each stage and help them find a unique style solution for their vision needs.

Our team of optometrists are not only excellent clinicians with decades of experience, but also leading experts in vision science research. One holds a PhD from Manchester University.